NaturalReader Software

Read many formats,

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NaturalReader is a downloadable text-to-speech software for personal use. This easy-to-use software with natural-sounding voices can read to you any text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails. Available with a one-time payment for a perpetual license.

Simple Plans for Everyone

*All prices are in USD



(Free to use)

  • Unlimited use with Free Voices
  • Floating bar to read text in other applications
  • Read webpages directly
  • Works with PDF, Docx, TXT and ePub



(One-time payment)

  • 2 natural voices included
  • All features of Free Version included
  • Text to downloadable audio files



(One-time payment)

  • 4 natural voices included
  • All features of Personal Version included
  • 500 pages for OCR to read from images & scanned PDFs



(One-time payment)

  • 6 natural voices included
  • All features of Professional Version included
  • Unlimited OCR to read from images & scanned PDFs
Main Features
Text to Speech

Convert any text or document into natural-sounding voices.

Various Document Formats

Supports PDF, Docx, and text documents.

OCR with Printed Documents

OCR function can convert printed characters into digital text. This allows you to listen to your printed files or edit it in a word-processing program.

OCR with eBooks

OCR can be used to convert screenshots of text from eBook desktop apps, such as Kindle, into speech and audio files.

Text to Audio Files

Converts text into mp3 files for Windows or aiff files for Mac.


Preserves the original formatting of PDF files

Listen to Webpages

Listen to webpages with built-in browser.


Offers a simple way of reading text directly on the page

Pronounciation Editor

You can manually modify the pronunciation of a certain word.

Additional Voices

*Additional voices and other languages below are available for separate purchase; However the voices cannot stand alone, they only work with paid versions.

(Voice Demo)

(Updates during the first six months after purchase are free! )

We encourage you to update to this powerful new release for only $49.50. As an added incentive, you will receive free access to OCR function for 500 images and an additional bonus voice of your choice. Latest version + OCR for 500 images + one natural voice.


Upgrade from lower versions to higher versions

(e.g. from Personal to Ultimate version).

Differences between NaturalReader Online and NaturalReader Software
NaturalReader Online
Can be accessed from any computer.
Access to all Premium Voices.
Subscription pricing.
Always up to date.
NaturalReader Software
Each license allowed for installation and use on one computer only.
Access to 2-6 Premium voices, additional voices are $39.50 each.
One-time payment.
After 180 days, updating to the latest version requires $49.50.
Frequently Asked Questions
NaturalReader licenses never expire but you will be charged a fee should you require new download links after 180 days.
NaturalReader supports .pdf, .doc(x), .epub, .txt and .rtf files.

There are three ways to read the pdf files:

1. Open NaturalReader -> click "open" button to open the file;

2. Click the floating bar button of NaturalReader to go to the floating bar, select the text in the pdf file and click \"play\" button to listen to;

3. If the pdf file is a scanned file or it is protected by the copyright, please use the floating bar, click “Add New” -> capture to capture the text to read.

NaturalReader for Windows: Operation system: Windows7, Win8, Win8.1 and Win10; Processor: 500Mhz Memory: 64 MB (128 recommended); Free Disk Space: 500MB (Natural Voices may require 600MB free space). NaturalReader for Mac supports Mac OS X 10.10 or later.