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NaturalReader EDU for Schools

Let knowledge be more accessible

To support the battle with COVID-19, the EDU is FREE for as long as your educational institution is closed due to COVID-19.

Or recommend to your school if you are a student

Benefits for all students

All students in your school list can use the Premium subscription for free.

Benifit for all students
Benifit for all students

Learn from anywhere

Web application, Chrome extension, mobile Android or iOS access.
Study at school or learn remotely.


Text to speech is not only the best way to help students with learning difficulties, but improves productivity for all students.

Benifit for all students
Benifit for all students

Shared documents

Coming soon...

More Features


Listen to your printed books, scanned documents, and text from images.

Listen to webpages and Google Docs with the Chrome extension

Convert text into downloadable MP3 files for personal use

Specifically designed as a reading aid to help dyslexic readers.

58 voices from 8 languages

Listen at your own pace

EDU is currently FREE

EDU will be free as long as the school is closed for COVID-19

*Only Premium Group is available at the moment


$0 / month
  • - 20 minutes per day for Premium Voices
  • - Unlimited usage of Free Voices
  • - Supports PDF, Docx, RTF and TXT documents
  • - Chrome Extension

Premium Group

$0 / month
  • - Unlimited use with Premium Voices
  • - 57 different Premium Voices available
  • - OCR to read from images & scanned PDFs
  • - MP3 Conversion (1 million characters/month)

Plus Group

$0 / month
  • - Unlimited use with Premium and Plus Voices (100+ voices total!)
  • - Chrome Extension with unlimited Premium & Plus Voices
  • - All the features in Premium group version

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be an educator or administrator to apply. Students may use our form to send a request to a school official to open an account and invite them to have free access.

Teachers or admins may send a request to us to open an account for their school. If approved, an account will be created under the requestor’s provided school email address and they will be the Owner with user management access. Read more about member roles under ‘How does NaturalReader EDU work?’ below. Owners may also assign Admins who also have user management access.

If you are not authorized for user management, please ask a representative who is to send a request for your school.

You must provide a public website to confirm your identity, such as your school website, articles, or any other sites that confirms your identity. Also provide the URL of your institution’s website.

You must sign up using a school email, such as a .edu address or an address that matches the domain of your school’s website. Do not use your personal email with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

You may be required to provide additional identification for verification purposes, such as a teacher or school ID card.

All members of your school’s NaturalReader Edu account are provided a Premium level subscription to NaturalReader Online.

This web application can be used from both desktop computers or mobile devices by visiting the app’s webpage in-browser.

It also connects to the NaturalReader Chrome extension to read from webpages. Search ‘NaturalReader’ in the Chrome Web Store to download the extension.

If approved, we will create an Edu account for your school under your provided school email address and you will be the school’s agent administrator (Owner).

There are 3 member roles in Edu: Owner > Admin > User. All roles include a Premium level subscription for the individual.

If you did not already have a NaturalReader account, one will be created for you with your provided email and account verification will be required.

Members in a school (Owner, Admins, and Users) are organized by Class Lists. Each school may have up to 20 Class Lists and each Class List may have up to 100 students. Only the Owner can create Class Lists.

The Owner starts with adding members to a Class List and assigning their role as either 'Admin' or 'User'. Admins can also invite members and assign roles. 'User' roles do not have any member management access and cannot invite other members. Invites can be sent individually or in batches.

When inviting a member to a Class List, the Owner/Admin may assign the new member’s role, or change it later from the Class List roster.

All invited members are required to register with a verified NaturalReader account. Each individual must use their own email address and password to login and access. If a member does not have a NaturalReader account when they accept an invitation to join, they will be guided through the steps to create one during the join process. 

After a member accepts the email invitation, they can then login to NaturalReader Online and will have Premium level subscription access for both the application and Chrome extension.

Until the end of the current school year and for as long as your school is closed because of COVID-19.