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Upload PDF, txt, doc(x), ppt(x), pages, ods, odt, and non-DRM epub files.

100+ Natural Voices

Many natural sounding voices available from 16 different languages.

Google Docs

NaturalReader can read directly from Google Docs!

How it looks!

Smart reader to work with webpages, emails, and Google Docs


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(More Frequently Asked Questions)

Click "Auto-track" icon to turn auto text tracking ON / OFF

When the icon is grey, auto text tracking is OFF

1. Click "Settings" icon, and then click "Edit Hotkeys"

2. Edit Hotkeys

There are 3 options in general:

1. Click the << and >> buttons.

2. Drag or click on the progress bar to go forwards or backwards

3. Use your mouse to highlight the text, right-click, then click on 'Read Selection'.

Google Docs:

Scroll to a page, then click the play button.

1. Highlight the text of the email

2. Right-click on the screen

3. Click on 'Read Selection'

Note: there is no highlight when reading from the selected text

Double click in the reading text panel (Auto-track text feature is ON/OFF doesn't matter).